About Mark Dunham

1968 was the year that Mark Dunham and a racing car had their first meeting. Then, at the heady age of just fifteen years old, Mark found himself assisting the maintenance and preparation of a fleet of Lotus, Merlyn and Alexis Formula Ford cars. This was, of course the formula's inaugural year and nobody could ever have imagined the impact that this new formula would have on the motor racing world.

Mark has proven himself to be one of the leading lights of Formula Ford race preparation - whether in FF1600 Kent cars or the more powerful slicks and wings FF2000 machines, not forgetting Zetecs and now Duratecs together with a constantly strong presence within the Sports 2000 category. Mark has enjoyed tremendous success within all these classes as a factory approved race team by most of the leading manufacturers.

In addition to this Mark has had a heavy involvement with Thundersports cars, Formula Three and quite a few historic race cars. He has also had a fair few drivers through his hands - many of whom have gone to race at the very top of the sport.

Mark used to race himself but will be the first to admit that he drives a spanner better than a racing car! Mark has a thriving race car preparation business and is at any one time running drivers in their own car or drivers that are taking advantage of Mark's race package deals in one of his superbly prepared team cars and there is usually a car or two in Marks workshop being lovingly restored to its former glory.

During 2005 Mark took an interest in the ever popular Formula Vee series and the undeniably unique type of cars that are a feature of the class. He joined up with GAC marque and Mark ran talented ex-karter Paul Moden who became the Formula's youngest ever winner at just 16-years of age. Mark also built the GAC used by Martin Galpin to win the 2007 championship.